Realm Walker Community

Welcome to my NFT Community Project. This Project is for everyone who expierienced some other Realms due to spiritual practices or due to special circumstances.

My Goal is building a strong Community based on Spiritual Teachers, Hippie-minded personalitys working together.

If you're an honest person with lots of creativity, that Cumminity will be the right place for you - physically and mentally - to reach your full potential.

I'm open for Collaborations in Art and Design.

Each Peace is lovely handcrafted in Photoshop and All Images have an Instinct size from 3000px x 3000px up to 5000px x 5000px

All NFT's will be available on and can be Used in a Non Commercial Way. So the Owner will be able to Design with my Artworks - Album Covers, T-Shirts, Acrylglass Image etc.

I am hiding some Special Events for special NFT's. The first person sending me the right hint will get another Unique NFT minted in the depending Collaboration


Finished 1. Collection

Finished 2. Collection

Mint-day 30.04.21

Hint-Event Triggert if 10% of all NFT's are sold

Community Event Triggert after Event 1 is live for 5 days

NFT Gallery

About me

To imagine, create and get my thoughts & feelings out there has always been my goal.

Even as a young child I was already attracted to creative or spiritual things - this power of imagination and imagination of each person has always inspired me, just like nature, the stars, the green planet and the wide wilde universe.

The artworks were created on a whim and each of the images contain my current thoughts, emotions and ideas - I found myself with each piece only after it was completed - each artwork was handmade with love, dedication and the flow.
Furthermore, each image takes on a different meaning with each viewer, as art is always relative to the subjective experience.

My goal is to create a community of creative, open-minded and spiritual people who will help with my dream of building a people-driven community and continue to think outside the box - living and imagination has no limits, only the ones we set for ourselves.